We kindly asks you to read the hotel rules, which are aimed at ensuring  peaceful and safe stay of our guests.

  1. The rooms are rented for hotel days.
  2. Parking within the guesthouse area is monitored, unguarded and free of charge.
  3. Hotel day starts from 16:00  to 11:00  the next day.
  4. The quiet hours in the Guesthouse start at 22:00 and finish at 7am.
  5. The Guesthouse is completely non-smoking. Smoking is allowed on balconies, outside the building and in the garden.
  6.  The reception desk is open 8:00-20:00. During the check-in the guest receive a room key and the key to the front door. In the case of planned late return, please take the keys with you.

Contact number to the reception desk during the night  is left in the doorway in a prominent place.

  1. The guest should make the request for an extension of the  hotel day at the reception desk as soon as possible. The guesthouse may not be able to take into account the request as regards extending the stay in the case of the use of all beds (rooms) or in case of guests not following the existing rules.
  2. Persons not checked-in in the facility can pay a visit in a hotel room from 8:00 to 22:00.
  3. In case the Guest resigns as regards the stay at the guesthouse during the day, the guesthouse does not return the fees for that day of stay at the guesthouse.
  4. A hotel guest is fully responsible for any damage or destruction concerning equipment and technical devices in the Guesthouse, due to the fault of the Guest or the fault of people visiting that Guest.
  5. Each Guest leaving the room, for security reasons,  should turn off the TV, turn off the lights, turn off the taps and close the door.
  6. Guests are not allowed to make any changes in hotel rooms and as regards its equipment, except for a slight rearranging of furniture and equipment, not affecting their functionality and safety of use.
  7. One cannot use electric heaters, heaters, irons in the rooms due to fire safety.
  8. The guesthouse accepts animals. Pets are allowed within the property for a fee. However, the owner of the animal is required to make sure the animal does not bother other guests and personnel. The guest has an obligation to remove any impurities left by animals on the property.
  9. The guesthouse is not be liable for any loss or damage of objects brought by persons using its services
  10. Damage, faults and deficiencies are to be reported at the reception desk.
  11. As regards all matters related to the stay in Guesthouse “Renaissance”, please contact the reception desk and the manager.
  12. Rooms are cleaned every other day
  13. Bed linen is changed:
  • Towels are changed every 2 days – only in a situation when they are left on the floor.
  1. Change of bed linen on guests’ request requires notification at the reception desk.
  2. In the reception, the Guests can ask for:
  • hair dryer,
  • iron, ironing board
  • fridge
  1. Meals are served at:
  • Breakfast from 8:00
  • Dinner from 14:00
  1. Within the guesthouse area the guests have free access to wi-fi.
  2. Local fee is charged extra and paid in cash at the reception desk – 2 PLN per person per day.

The payment is required during the check-in.